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Genesee County Health Care Services Millage Renewal may help ensure critical health services

By Tanya Terry 810-452-2645 •

BURTON — This Nov. 6, Genesee County residents are urged to vote a on a health care millage renewal which will be called the “Genesee County Health Care Services Millage Renewal.” If the millage renewal passes, the Genesee Health Plan will be able to provide its coverage for an additional seven years. Tax rates would stay the same. The millage would cost the average homeowner about $50 per year. It will generate approximately $9 million a year.

“It’s not a new tax but a renewal,” said Jim Milanowski, president and CEO of Genesee Health Plan.

The Genesee Health Plan was founded in 2001. The plan covers doctor’s visits, mammograms, cancer screenings, outpatient mental health services, prescription drugs labs and x-rays. The plan also provides dental care coverage for seniors and veterans.

Over 90,000 people have been on the Genesee Health Plan at one time or another, according to Milanowski. Milanowski said over the last 17 years, Genesee Health Plan has served one in five Genesee County residents, including some county residents working two or three jobs who don’t receive health care coverage from employers.

No money from the millage renewal, if approved, is to go to administrative costs, and there is strict independent oversight to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely and with transparency.

The renewal is endorsed by community organizations and individuals including the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce.

More information about the Health Care Services Millage renewal can be found at about-us/ghp-2018-millagerenewal and the Friends of Genesee Health Plan at

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